The Tasman Map - Abel Tasman, the Dutch East India Company and the first Dutch discoveries of Australia

A minor miracle has occurred.

I was told the books would be available in November and the advance copies have arrived here at the beginning of September.

This is book number five and it is pleasing to note thet the novelty and excitement of holding the printed copy of a new book has not worn off. The Tasman Map has the usual high production values of Rosenberg Publishing - good quality paper, a comprehensive index and 70 colour images inserted into the text where relevant.

I love old maps and The Tasman Map includes 34 antique maps showing the results of the different voyages of discovery that led to the first map of Australia.

Copies should be in the bookshops by October and please place an order now with your favorite bookshop or online retailer.

Posted on September 9, 2019 .