Where Australia Collides with Asia

The Epic Voyages of Joseph Banks, Charles Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace and the Origin of On The Origin of Species.

They are here!

             The printed copies of Where Australia Collides with Asia have finally arrived and there is nothing more exciting than holding the final result of many years of work in your hand. This feeling of euphoria is then followed by the nagging thought as to whether it is any good. However as always it is the discerning reader who will decide.

            Without the marketing budget of the major publishing houses, it will be an exciting time over the next few months as we go through the book launches and book talks that are required to reach readers and generate 'the word of mouth' that ultimately determines the real success of any book.

             The fun will be meeting readers, learning from their questions, and finding out how different people react to this story. The story of the epic voyages of three great naturalists, whose voyages to the southern hemisphere and discoveries of its natural history, changed forever how we view religion, the world and the origin of its species. 


Posted on August 6, 2017 .