Ubud Writers and Readers Festival -- October 2013

I am looking forward to the whole vibe of the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, meeting interesting people and attending some really interesting writer talks and events, including those below


Sunday October 13 — 9 to 10:15 am, The Neka Art Museum

Two men who have dedicated their lives to spices: Ian Hemphrill – a modern-day spice merchant & Ian Burnet – authority on Indonesia’s spice islands & trade. Join them in an exotic journey from India to Indonesia along the legendary spice route, discussing the romance of spices & their impact on the modern world.


Tuesday 15 October — 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, Kamandalu

Join our esteemed guests for a glorious Indonesian feast of food & mind, celebrating the most important ingredient in Indonesian cooking – rice. Anthropologist J. Stephen Lansing will discuss his lifelong passion for Bali’s majestic paddy fields & his part in creating the UNESCO world-heritage site of Jati Luwih. Ian Burnet will spice it up with swashbuckling stories of the ancient spice trade of the East Indies, while Ketut Yuliarsa will wax lyrical about his home. Janet DeNeefe will share tales from Fragrant Rice & celebrity chef Farah Quinn will add glamour with anecdotes about her favourite rice-based dishes. William Wongso – acclaimed authority on Indonesian food – will prepare traditional culinary dishes from Sumatra to Bali in a taste sensation you’ll never forget.

Posted on September 2, 2013 .